Khorasan R. Industrial Dairy & Livestock Farmers Union (KDLFU)

Company description

Foundation: 1989

Number of the Union members: 15 cooperative companies

Number of employees: 17 people

Amount of annual raw milk production: 330 thousand tons

Amount of annual red meat production: 36 thousand tons

Number of animals being under the coverage of the Union: More than 120 thousand heads of cattle

Fixed assets: $11 million
Current assets: $11 million


       Commercial department:

  • Supplying animal feed from inside and outside of the country
  • Supplying frozen embryos, frozen semen and artificial insemination equipment from inside and outside of the country
  • Adjusting milk market through guaranteed purchase of raw milk and changing it to exportable dried milk under the coverage of government
  • Adjusting the market of animal feed concerning forages and concentrates under the coverage of government
  • Supervising the price of raw milk purchased by dairy factories and paying the stockbreeders debts

      R&D department:

  • Collecting data and information and calculating the final price of raw milk and red meat
  • Supervising quantity and quality on the animal feed factories products
  • Offering technical and consulting services concerning rational formulation, evaluating type and determining semen
  • Holding the training and skilled classes
  • Publishing technical and educational handbooks
  • Performing research projects in collaboration with scientific centers of the province
  • Holding scientific cross-country and foreign journeys for stockbreeders


Managing Director: Farshid Saraf

Mailing address:
No.2, 14th Emamat, Emamat Blvd, Vakil abad Blvd, Mashhad, Khorasan Razavi province, Iran

Postal code: 9188895946

Website :

E-mail :

Tel: 0098-51-36045632

Fax: 0098-51-36051092


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